Etna Bianco DOC

85 % Carricante, 15 % Minnella. A wine as delicate and soft as bright, flowing lava, yet at the same time as strong and unstoppable as the life that generates it. Shining, ethereal and flamboyant, the name Animalucente recalls the luminosity of a lava flow in a wild setting where nature reigns supreme. In the vocated Contrada Santo Spirito of Passopisciaro, the aforementioned local varieties, are grown exclusively as small trees on black lava stone terraces, with century-old plants some of which are prefillossera. A heroic viticulture where man goes beyond his limits, generating a sulphurous, savory and vertical wine that brings together all the suggestions of a natural landscape that stretches from the slopes to the summit of Europe's highest volcano, Etna precisely.

A perfect fusion of heaven and earth.