Amphitheater Vineyard, Contrada Santo Spirito in Passopisciaro, 700 sml

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All that nature has that is great, all that it has that is beautiful, all that it has that is terrible, can be compared to Etna, and Etna cannot be compared to anything.

A mysterious and special place, a unique ecosystem characterized by extraordinary climatic variability.

Life is a delicate and strong affair, seemingly controversial in the way it thrives luxuriantly the more precarious conditions seem: for it is a matter of balance, and, for that matter, it is known that it is at the very brink of the precipice that balance is at its best.
Etna, where balance is achieved by a combination of violent and primitive elements. Fire and air, crossed by very hot winds from the volcano's mouth and the cold from its summit, sweep the mountain slopes, raising dust that is both black and providential, a mantle that covers the earth with fertility and settles on its fruits; at night this essence hibernates, fixing it in a concentrate, which to call intense would be too reductive.
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A wine does not have to be perfect. It must be authentic.

A wine does not have to be perfect. It must be authentic.

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A sip along 100 years of life

The grapes here are almost all ungrafted vines, since the lush stems are the result of lava-soaked soil, and the vines raised to a fair altitude, two factors that, together with abundant ventilation, have made it immune, over time, from the ravages of phylloxera and powdery mildew. In relation to the climate, it alternates between dry and stormy conditions, while the force of Hephaestus manifests itself almost daily, cutting through the mountain and the collective memory of vermilion rivulets, sometimes destructive, sometimes moving.